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We Stand Behind Our Work In Writing
3In1 Bathtub Refinishers does hereby agree to guarantee the new finish on all complete resurfacing of a Fiberglass Tub Shower or Porcelain Tub, against all defects of workmanship and materials for the period of the 5 Years from the date of complementation show heron, 2 Years on Cut Out Whole Bottom and Reinforce with Cement, and 2 Years on Regular Bottom Support.


1.That no abrasive cleaners, acids toilet bowl cleaners or any product not recommended by 3in1 Bathtub Refinishers be used in the cleaning of the refinished surface.

2. That the surface not be used for the period of 24 Hours.

This Guarantee is against Fading, Peeling, or Cracking of the finish, but does not cover chipping from an object being dropped on to the finish, or knocked up against it.

If the surface does require a touch up or redoing and falls under the limits of this Guarantee-all works and materials will be supplied at no cost.


It takes 24 hrs for the new finish to cure properly. Also there is nothing that protects your surface against the destructive power of grit cleaners or acids-so please do not use them! If refinished surface begins to peel, report immediately, any claims done after 2 weeks after peeling occurred will be considered tenant abuse making this guarantee VOID!


We Recommend 409 or fantastic. Do Not Use Chlorine, bleach, ammonia, acids, or abrasives, please do not use bath mats with suction cups.

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